Tricks that will help you keep your brain 15 years younger

Just as you want to exercise your body to look and feel much younger you are also going to want to exercise your mind to help you stay mentally younger – a significant challenge that millions and millions all over the world struggle with more and more each year.

According to researchers at Columbia University, mental capabilities begin to dwindle around the age of 30 and a lot of it has to do with the fact that most people “turn their brains off” and simply stop challenging themselves to learn new things on a routine basis.

This eventually translates into the same kind of atrophy that would negatively impact major muscle groups, but you’ll lose cognitive abilities, the ability to make smart decisions, and the ability to remember as clearly as you were able to in the past.

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Thankfully though, with a couple of tricks that we share with you below, you’ll be able to improve your cognition (regardless of your age) and fight back against brain atrophy.

Let’s dig right in!

Try to learn one new thing every single day

It doesn’t have to be a new word in a foreign language and it doesn’t have to be some complex mathematical formula, but you want to challenge yourself to learn something new every single day.

This will keep your mind very flexible, very adaptable, and capable of deep thinking and consideration – something that routinely disappears right around the age of 30 and only gets worse over time.

Exercise your memory

Some of the best tools for exercising your memory are those card games favored by young children, and you want to get your hands on as many of them as possible and play at least once a week.

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By exercising your memory you will be activating different areas in your brain that sometimes go dormant for extended amounts of time. That dormant behavior is going to result in mental atrophy, and as that happens you are going to lose your ability to remember a lot faster than you would have ever been able to before.

Think while you exercise

As you exercise you are stressing your body, your central nervous system, and your ability to think clearly – which is the perfect time for you to attempt simple mental problems to really stretch your capabilities and your mental capacity.

You’ll find that this makes your brain respond a lot faster when you aren’t working out, and that you will also feel considerably younger as well.

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