Lift a Lot more Weight When you Fix your Feet

Even some of the people capable of pushing around the most significant amount of iron in the gym forget that every single movement they make under pressure is going to be impacted by these tiny little muscles in the bottom of their feet.

Without strong feet you’re never going to have a rock solid foundation to work off of – and that means that you’ll never really be able to live up to your full genetic potential. You’ll never build muscles as big as they could have gotten otherwise and you’ll never get as strong or as fast as you could have if you worked on building this base and then pushing forward with the rest of your major muscle groups.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you do exactly that!

Create a rocksolid foundation

Not only will you want to strengthen the muscles in your feet and your ankles, but you are also going to want to go to great lengths to create a much better balanced foundation as well.

fix your feet 1

Make sure that all of the exercises you decide to move through aren’t going to just focus on pure strength or endurance but that you are also able to create a much better balanced pair of feet along the way.

This usually will entail exercising while you are on balanced (working while standing on a medicine ball, for example), but it’s the best way to create a foundation that you’ll really be able to build off of in the future.

Release a tremendous amount of tension

Plantar fasciitis can be one of the most painful conditions to deal with, but even if you warrant fighting against this specific medical condition feet that are undertrained or overworked are always going to hurt a lot more than those that have been strengthened over time.

fix your feet 2

One of the best ways to release a lot of hidden tension that may be causing tightness and pain in your feet is to roll your feet over a golf ball, a lacrosse ball, or with the help of a foam roller. You’ll want to trigger as many pressure points as possible to really stretch out your feet, breakup muscle fascia, and create more limber and flexible feet along the way.

Strengthen your lower body and you will strengthen your upper body

At the end of the day, the real secret here is to create a strong base that will definitely help contribute to building a much stronger upper body.

Workout your feet, workout your legs, and work out your posterior chain and your core and your “beach muscles” will definitely benefit!